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Mr. Karim Segond
Consulting Engineer
Strausberger Platz 1, 10243  Berlin

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Karim Segond as Speaker:
Power-Point presentations on request

Winding Parameter Variations for the Cooling of an Electrical Motor
recorded during the  Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum 2014 in Munich.
Different winding configurations of the motor. Bar windings are simulated with their copper and insulation layers whereas the composite wire winding is simulated by assuming equivalent thermal conductivities.  

Cooling of Electrical Machines
Recorded webinar,  you will learn:
-how to conduct thermal analysis starting from a CAD model, -how to input the electrical losses in a FloEFD model.

Cooling of a Wind Power Station IGBT
Recorded webinar, you will learn:
 - why frequency converters need cooling, - why the thermal resistance of the Thermal Interface Materials matters, - how to set-up a transient case for low frequencies.

Power Electronics Cooling Calculation at Room Level
Recorded webinar, you will learn:
- what does Room Level mean, - how to assess the working point of a fan, - how to assess the cooling and heating without calculating the heat transfer with the flow.

Other Speakers:

Parametric Study of an IGBT Cold Plate Geometry in a Thermal Simulation
recorded during the  Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum 2014 in Munich.
Parametric study of the cold plate design in order to find the optimum geometry parameters such as pin/fin size, number and height.